"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Greetings! I’m glad you’ve found yourself here and I want to take a moment to explain to you what this site is all about. You’re probably wondering what “success wager” even means. Allow me to explain what my site is and what I hope I can do for you. Start here for success!

The goal

I’m here to help anyone learn how to gain a probabilistic advantage in business and in life. I want you to succeed in any endeavor of your choosing. Success isn’t as simple as an on-off switch. Nobody just decides they want to be successful and the following day it’s true. You build success over time through trial, error, discipline, and habit-setting. My hope is that by reading along, you’ll learn how to become a person of growth. I want you to get focused on making small continual improvements in yourself. I offer strategies, tips, and actionable steps to help make small, cumulative improvements in you.

What is success, anyway?

Success is defined as the accomplishment of one’s goals. Very simple. It doesn’t have to be career or professional ambition, although that’s the most common context in which it’s used.

Success is easy to define when you talk about it as one specific goal or action. It gets much less obvious when we talk about success over the course of a human life. What does it really mean to have a successful life? If I stop and look at my own life, I would say I’m successful. Looking at my life, I’ve achieved the over-arching life-style I always dreamed of as a kid. I don’t live an extravagant life by any means, but I also never wanted that. I have an amazing wife, two awesome kids, and a fulfilling career. There is food on my table every night. I have extra money for small family vacations, hobbies, enriching activities, and investing. That’s it. That’s what I wanted.

By that definition, I’m a success, and I do feel that way. Someone else might see that and, depending on their station in life, either think I’m filthy rich, or wonder how I get by without a mega-yacht and a private jet. What we can determine from this is that “success” is personal. It’s dependent on what you, as a person, want for your life.

In terms of a person’s life, success is just achieving the goals that put someone in the place they envision for themselves. Humans are complex beings, so this is multi-dimensional. One can be a success in profession, but a complete failure in family life. A success in romance, but a failure with money. One can succeed in every dimension, and fail in every dimension. My aim is to help you succeed in the professional dimension.


So, what the heck does “success wager” even mean? Are you wagering your success for something? How would you even do that? Well…you wouldn’t. That’s not what I mean when I say success wager. “Success wager,” in the context of this website, means that you’re going to make a wager. You’re going to wager your time and energy, and expect your probability of success to increase. That’s it. What this means is that you’ll spend time and energy learning and growing. You’ll take small, consistent steps that will lead to achieving your goals.

Let’s look at an analogy to draw some parallels to help you understand. Say you go to a casino and decide you want to play roulette. You walk up to the table, place a bet, and hope to win. Isn’t that kind of like trying to achieve any goal? Don’t you decide on the goal (walk up to the table), spend time and energy trying to make it happen (place a bet), and hope to achieve your goal (hope to win)? The only difference is we’re wagering time and energy instead of money.

Also, it’s not a gamble. When you gamble, in roulette for example, your odds of winning stay constant. What we’re going to do hear is build you up so that your odds of winning go up every day. We’ll get your probability of success to 1 (or 100%). By following this blog, you’ll learn what actions you can take to increase your probability of success. Over time, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

The Kaizen Approach

I subscribe to the Kaizen approach and hope to convince you to do the same. Kaizen is the Japanese word for “improvement.” In the context of business, and how we’re going to use it, it means to improve continuously. We’re going to model this by making small, daily improvements in you. These will amount to huge, positive changes over the course of your life.

Day-to-day, you will likely not notice any change, and that’s okay. One day, though, you’ll look back and see that you’ve grown. If you can look back over time and see that you’ve grown, your probability of success will have grown too.

I encourage you to pick out one thing a week and try to incorporate it into your modus operandi. One thing! It can be as simple as a small tip buried deep within an article. Pick one thing and add that to your repertoire. Practice it, master it, then add another…then another….then another… and so on ad infinitum.

Don’t over complicate things and overwhelm yourself. Pick one small thing and work on that. If you can do that for one year, you’ll have improved 52 small things over the course of a year. Fifty-two things! Each by itself may not do a whole lot, but 52 things acting together can make a huge difference.

My Wish

I wish you the absolute best in any challenge you’ve chosen to take on. It is my sincere hope that the words herein can help you achieve whatever you put your mind to. I want you to have a successful and fulfilling life. I thank you for spending your time with me, and I hope I can have a large-enough impact on you that you’ll stay around to see what’s next.

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